Mr Andrew Fletcher

Chair and Parish Councillor

Parish Councillor First Elected May 2023 Acting-Chair February-May 2024, re-elected…

Mr Nick Stamford

Vice-Chair, Parish Councillor and Planning Lead

Parish Councillor and Planning Lead, First Elected May 2023. Acting…

Mrs Elaine Burgin

Parish Councillor and Finance Lead 2023-4 & 2024-5

First Elected May 2023 Finance Lead 2023-24, 2024-25

Mr Jonathan Good

Parish Councillor and PC Local Flooding Lead

Co-Opted March 2022 Re-elected May 2023 PC Local Flooding Lead…

Mr John Jennings

Parish Councillor and Environmental Lead

Co-opted August 2020 Re-elected May 2023

Mrs Clare Garrett

Parish Councillor, Finance Group Member

Co-Opted March 2024 Finance Group Member 2024-5

Mr Martyn Davies

Parish Councillor and PC Rep to Village Hall Committee

First Co-Opted May 2024 CBPC Representative to Village Hall Committee