2021-22 Audit Returns and Public Inspection Rights

Documents & Statements Uploaded on May 18, 2022

Please find attached the 2021-22 Audit Returns for Colston Bassett Parish Council.

The attached Completed AGAR papers include the 2021-2 report by the Internal Auditor, the reviewed and signed Annual Governance Statement, the reviewed and signed Annual Accounting Statements and the 2021-22 Certificate of Exemption. A supplementary list of Purchases made by the Parish Council at or above £100 is also included.

As per the attached Period of Public Inspection papers, the period of Public Inspection for the 2021-22 Accounts will run from Monday 13 June to Friday 22 July. Your Rights of Inspection and the processes to follow during that period are outlined in the published guidelines also attached.

Audit 2022 Completed AGAR papers

Audit 2022 Purchases £100 and over

Audit 2022 Period of Public Inspection & Guidance

Hard Copy of these papers can also be found displayed on the Parish Council noticeboards adjacent to the Village Hall. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions relating to the 2021-22 Governance and Accounting Reports.

Nige Mayglothling, Responsible Financial Officer to Colston Bassett Parish Council 18 May, 2022