Result of May 6th 2021 Local Elections & CB Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Many thanks to all who voted in the Local, PCC and Referendum votes…. as you will see the local vote in Colston Bassett was pleasingly high when measured across the pan-Bingham West percentages, so thanks to all who made the effort.

Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Local Referendum

“Do you want Rushcliffe Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Colston Bassett to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

  • On this question, 119 of 192 electors voted, so a 62% turnout
  • 23 votes were cast “NO” against adopting the Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (19.3%)
  • 96 votes were cast “YES” in favour of adopting the Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (80.7%)

The Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan will thus be considered ”MADE” and will form the basis of local development guidance and control going forward.


Nottinghamshire County Council Local Election (Bingham West)

BIRCH, Edward James (REFORM UK) 100

CLARKE, Jonathan Neil (CONSERVATIVE) 1581



WILSON, Chandler Pax (GREEN PARTY) 254


13 papers were spoilt (9 were unmarked, 4 recorded votes for too many candidates).

2729 voting papers were issued out of an electorate of 6961, so a turnout of 39.2%


Neil CLARKE is thus elected as the Nottinghamshire County Councillor to represent the Bingham West Division.


Nige Mayglothling

May 2021